Clinical trial considerations: Why a communications partner matters...

January 17, 2024

Over the course of our blog series, we have highlighted the many things that you may wish to consider to elevate the clinical trial experience for patients and HCPs.

We know that joining a clinical trial can be a big step for patients. They may be unsure of what is expected of them, scared about the environment that they find themselves in, or anxious about the treatment itself. But we also know that patient recruitment, engagement, and retention is vital to running clinical trials. It is a difficult predicament, but one that we can support you in overcoming.

Because as we have shown, there are lots of ways in which we can help to reassure, inform, and support patients throughout their clinical trial experience. Things such as:

Branding you trial

Which offers several benefits such as attracting your target patient population and enabling to you to connect with them at a deeper level, reducing possible participation-related anxiety by growing patient comfort levels with a consistent look and feel that they can follow throughout their trial experience, and helping to promote a feeling for patients that they are a part of something meaningful.
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Adding colour

Which plays an important role in creating a brand identity, can also be used to evoke different emotions and, depending on the context, make materials stand out or blend in. Understanding the power of colour and marrying it with the needs and perceptions of potential participants is a key part of clinical trial identity, personality, and gravitas.
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Using iconography

Which often works faster than words alone, can help to enhance health literacy and enable readers to navigate their way through detailed information more easily. Icons are also particularly useful for visual learners, as well as people with reading difficulties or who struggle with comprehension.
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Using health literacy principles

Which helps to make sure patients understand the information they have been given, by communicating complex language plainly and simply, empowering them to make decisions about their own healthcare. It’s more than just the language we use though; it’s also the use of simple visuals, clear layouts, and a logical flow to the information that is being presented.
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Adding imagery

Which can help to catch the reader’s eye, sustain their engagement, and connect with them on an emotional level.
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Considering using digital solutions

Which can create new ways of presenting and providing information; audio, videos, or animations may help to convey complex information more simply for example. It also supports being able to produce personalised content and can increase patient interactivity and engagement.
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Applying diversity principles

Which means creating materials that represent the variations in race, culture, age, gender, ethnicity, sexuality and ability that is representative of your clinical trial population.
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Supporting healthcare professionals

Which can help them with the challenging task of identifying and recruiting eligible patients, guiding them through the informed consent process and ensuring they fully understand the potential risks and benefits of taking part. By creating support materials that enhance a HCP's ability to communicate with patients, we are not only improving the overall experience but also enhancing patient recruitment and retention.
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Considering sustainability

Which can be practiced by considering things such as the use of digital channels rather than print, whether all materials need to be localised thereby meaning that materials can be reused in several different markets, and how sustainable print functions are being used.
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Localising content

Which includes exploring cultural sensitivities that may act as barriers to recruitment and retention as well as working with specialised translation services and optimising print layouts (as different languages take up differing amounts of space on a page).
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There’s a lot to think about and consider isn’t there? But all these considerations are the hallmarks to successful clinical trial recruitment, engagement and retention.

How can we be so sure?

Well, since 2016, we have delivered clinical trial support materials:

  • spanning 30 different disease areas
  • to over 40 countries
  • in more than 70 languages
  • reaching over 110,000 clinical trial patients

We are certainly an experienced force in the world of clinical trial communications and can guide you competently and efficiently through the process. So, if you’re ready to partner up, let’s talk.

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