Clinical trials explained: Why branding matters…

October 3, 2023

Let us ask you a question.

What percentage of clinical trials do you think meet their recruitment targets on time?  

Half? Maybe less?

Well, in fact it’s a lot less because that figure is typically around 15%. Which not only increases costs, but often delays results too. We know that joining a clinical study can be daunting for people, which is why it’s vital that patient perspective plays a part in helping to formulate the trial.  

But trial branding can also play an important role.  

Branding your trial can help to:

  • Attract your target patient population and enable to you to connect with them at a deeper level
  • Reduce possible participation-related anxiety by promoting credibility
  • Build patient trust through the use of a consistent look and feel that they can follow throughout their trial experience
  • Help to promote a feeling for patients that they are a part of something meaningful

This approach also supports HCPs with effective study delivery – all the way from recruitment through to retention, with patients feeling overall more engaged throughout.

And it is because of this that a strong partnership with a healthcare communications agency is essential; not only will it help to determine the effectiveness of the study branding, but also the subsequent creation of patient and HCP support materials.  

With nearly a decade of experience supporting clinical trials, Cuttsy+Cuttsy recognise the importance of taking the time and care to uncover the heart and soul of a study. So, while it can be tempting to rush through the branding stage and jump straight to the delivery of finished materials such as recruitment posters and study aids, our experience shows that systematically conducting a variety of research provides an understanding of patients’ rational and emotional concerns. This enables us to help develop a meaningful, patient-centric branding model that truly resonates. We use this to steer our thinking — from a trial’s purpose, through contextual considerations about what patients need and how they might benefit, to its corresponding ‘personality’:

Our Branding Heart

Whatever stage you are at with your clinical study, it is always useful to apply the branding model. Trials that are developed with true insights can improve a participant’s study journey, encourage recruitment and retention, and hopefully provide better patient outcomes. Ultimately, this will always be why we do what we do.

If you would like to work with a healthcare communications agency that will put patients at the heart of your next clinical trial, let’s talk.

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