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We create a strong backbone for your clinical trial recruitment and retention by employing channel-agnostic strategies and communications that cut through the complex, helping HCPs to feel supported, patients to feel empowered, and leaving everyone feeling engaged.

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Here’s a bit more about how we do it, and what we could do for you and your next trial:

Create study branding

Strong, carefully considered branding for your clinical trial helps patients feel connected, comforted, and part of something meaningful.

Identify what’s important

Knowing what patients and HCPs want and need is a vital part of developing a successful clinical trial support and communications strategy. Which is why everything we do is underpinned with research and insights.

Build a recruitment comms plan

Recruiting participants to clinical trials is undoubtedly one of pharma's biggest challenges. Which is why we create action-inspiring communications that resonate with potential participants (and their families and carers).

Support on-site HCPs

It is vital that for study success, trial investigators and HCPs have access to key information available in a digestible format. We can create a range of materials and training decks for on-site HCPs to help with the smooth running of clinical trials.

Find the right format

Sometimes print materials are what’s needed, and other times, only digital will do. We do both and can advise you on what will work best for your trial participants and HCPs.

Keep participants motivated and engaged

When patients understand what's happening, what's expected and what's coming next in the study, they stay engaged, motivated and informed. Which is why we create printed and digital materials that provide guidance and support at every stage.

Make information digestible

Health literacy is more than just words, which is why we also create materials that rely on visuals, or that use animations and videos as alternative ways to simplify complex information for both patients and HCPs.

Engage with HCPs

HCPs play a critical role in meeting participant recruitment goals. Which is why we create HCP-focussed communications that support and inform.

Our flexible toolkit

We understand every trial is different. But, having supported over 100 studies globally, we can draw on our experience and suite of tried-and-tested material to recommend cost-effective packages of content covering awareness, recruitment, retention and follow-up.
Every piece is carefully adapted by our experienced medical writers and creatives to ensure it aligns with your study protocol, as well as the needs of those you wish to take part.

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words that inspire us
'Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple.'
Charles Mingus

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