Healthcare communications

We help you conquer your communication challenges by tackling them creatively, cleverly, and collaboratively to truly make a difference to the lives of HCPs, patients, and their families and carers.

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Here’s a bit more about how we do it, and what we could do for you and your brand:

Audience needs and insights

Whether through social listening, surveys or interviews, we design and implement an approach that considers our audience’s experiences, uncovers their needs, and involves them in co-designing a solution.

Education and training

Thanks to our in-house educators and instructional designers, our content always goes further, which helps to improve engagement, activates understanding, and supports long-term retention.

Patient pathways and journey mapping

From desk research to user engagement, we map out core touch points in an empathetic and highly visual way to support effective decision-making.

Patient and HCP engagement

Trusted relationships with patient representatives and HCPs at all levels enable us to discover, define, develop, and deliver projects together.

Disease awareness

From individual pieces to full multi-channel campaigns, our insight-based content addresses gaps in awareness and understanding, however unique the setting.

Brand development

Unique and effective identities, built on deep and meaningful insights, help to elevate your brand and make sure it stands out.

Tactical planning

Breaking down brand strategies and mapping them to innovative and appropriate tactics creates effective campaigns that resonate with audiences and delivers against plan.

Advisory boards and forums

Whether it's global or local, with practitioners or patients, we can develop and facilitate meetings that support respectful collaboration while effectively navigating compliance requirements.

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Data visualisations

Bringing information to life through visualisations, infographics, and animations has always been important to our team. Because most of the time, an image can convey complex messages more quickly and more impactfully than words. But with language, literacy and other barriers making health information even less accessible for some, a picture today is now worth a lot more than a just thousand words.

Authentic writing

Our writers aren’t just hired for their medical expertise and compliance know-how. Emotional intelligence is a key attribute of our team. It’s this that helps them maintain a human touch and empathetic connection with audiences, while upholding industry standards. And when combined with our creative capabilities and patient insight, we transform information-heavy data into compelling content with scientific integrity.

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