Ticking all the criteria as a trusted information creator

May 4, 2022

Living through the COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it many unexpected consequences. Among them has been the rise of the ‘digital infodemic’. We were bombarded with a vast range of often conflicting health information, produced by different sources, and frequently released without a formal review process. It was hard to know who and what to trust. Added to this, much of the well-researched and peer-reviewed medical information included in this deluge was not underpinned by the principles of health literacy.  

That’s why, now more than ever, we are determined to support and uphold trusted, patient-centric health information. And this determination has been recognised by others too. We’re pleased to join a host of noteworthy healthcare charities and institutions as one of the first healthcare communications agencies to receive the Patient Information Forum’s seal of approval – the PIF Tick. A PIF Tick quality mark is assigned to an organisation whose health information meets ten specific criteria points covering aspects such as design, usability, accessibility and user engagement. Information also undergoes a rigorous, auditable production process, making the PIF Tick an industry-wide symbol that can be trusted by everyone.

The PIF Tick criteria align closely to our values as a healthcare agency. Ensuring patients are involved in the process of developing health information is a key element in our work. Cross industry collaboration from healthcare professionals to patients ensures all voices are equally heard and valued. This collective approach also guarantees projects and services meet an ‘identified user need’.

It is wonderful to have earned an accreditation that aligns so seamlessly with our values as a company. Perhaps the most rewarding part is in knowing no fundamental shifts in attitudes or processes had to be taken to be recognised with a PIF Tick. Our determination to provide trusted and accessible health information for healthcare professionals through to patients has always been there. But now we have a PIF Tick to guide them to it too.

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