From hype to reality: what role could AI play in content creation, translation and delivery?

October 18, 2023

2 days in Amsterdam offered some refreshing perspectives from a broad range of companies and industries, exploring the impact of generative AI on all aspects of business. The breadth and scope of this technology is an exciting prospect, so we were all ears to understand more about how others are facing up to the challenge in such a rapidly changing environment.

First things first, it’s ok if you haven’t got it figured out yet!

The endless possibilities and excitement surrounding its potential might feel overwhelming – but you wouldn’t be alone in thinking that. We heard that nearly 60% of companies admit they lack the resources to meet the expectations of AI, and more than that said they couldn’t begin to measure the return on investment. Meanwhile, stats show over half of CEOs expect major company growth by using AI… it doesn’t stack up.

There’s no magic wand that will immediately give us all of the answers. As with anything, we need to build, measure, learn and then scale when it’s successful. The advice is to start small with the low hanging fruit – talk to others (talk to us!) and learn from examples. Don’t get caught up in the hype!

A practical application in our day-to-day

At Cuttsy+Cuttsy we pride ourselves on putting people at the heart of everything we do: delivering the right information, to the right audience, at the right time. On the one hand it could feel like bringing automation and generative AI into our work counteracts this ambition – we don’t want to lose the emotional intelligence or empathy that makes our content so good. But then you consider that we are creating content for people all over the world, from different backgrounds and of different cultures, and it becomes hugely complex. We can’t just do a straight-forward translation and expect our words to have the same impact.

This is where we could really see AI adding value to us and our clients. LLMs (Large Language Models) offer more flexibility and opportunity to adapt content for specific audiences: should it be more formal for a certain group, or use a lower reading level for another? What headline will attract and engage in a certain market? These technologies could help us to create and deliver more impactful and meaningful content, and much faster too – compared to the hours and hours of research that a human could spend trying to find the right answers.

A reoccurring theme: balance is key

Much like in our recent takeaways from DPHARM2023, new technologies should not mean we lose the role the human element has to play in healthcare. While it’s right that digital is now getting a seat at the table, our focus should remain on decreasing barriers and increasing motivation to champion health and wellbeing. If technology allows us to offer more tailored, engaging content then we’re all here for it. If it allows us to give back to patients by offering new solutions and empowering them to actively manage their condition, then fantastic. But let’s continue to question what really adds value and what’s just a result of getting lost in the hype.

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