Making health human: a rebrand for Therismos

August 8, 2022

The ask

How do you create a cohesive brand identity for a company with a service offering spanning complex pharmaceutical supply chain management, special licensing, and a provider of CBPM (cannabis-based product for medicinal use)?

The insight  

We kicked off our immersion phase with a series of stakeholder interviews and an in-depth market positioning review exploring the competitor set. This also involved researching the customers and end users alongside the social and medical context of CBPM use in the UK and Europe. The focus was to create a new, distinctive brand to attract new customers to the CBPM offering while retaining a level of familiarity and reassurance for customers interacting with the specialist supply chain management side of the business. Together, we positioned Therismos at the forefront of a new compassionate movement in medical cannabis supply and innovation.  

Our research revealed that the nascent CBPM market already risked brand dilution, with multiple companies claiming to be pioneers and trailblazers in bringing medical cannabis to Europe.  

The idea

To help Therismos stand out, we focused on an entirely different quality that we knew was critically important to prescribers and patients alike: trust. Patients needed to feel safe and supported and HCPs expected to interact with a clinically-led, credible company.  

We introduced a new brand identity called; Health is Human.

Therismos logo before and after

We worked incredibly closely with key stakeholders in the business to perfect the right shades and aesthetic: three colours were selected to represent each new pillar of the brand — human warmth, scientific credibility and brilliant basics. We moved away from the colder blues and greens in the previous brand logo to warm, autumnal colouring.

Therismos logo attributes

These colours appear on the logomark, which forms the ‘M’ from Therismos. The logo highlights the human feel to the brand, giving the impression of two people interacting and finding balance together.  

The impact

New brand guidelines and marketing assets for use across their new website, the products, and external and internal communications. This branding marks a distinctive new chapter for Therismos as they continue to develop much-needed infrastructure and supply for vital medicines, including medical cannabis, throughout Europe.  

What we delivered:

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