With an average client relationship of over 6 years and a portfolio that organically expands as our recommendations take flight, we’ve definitely earnt our reputation as trusted advisors. And thanks to our diverse team, which brings together research, education, engagement and health expertise, our strategic direction and support offers unique perspectives beyond brand and campaign challenges.

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Our services span…

Brand development

Our in-house planners evaluate the field and define clear objectives so our designers can develop a unique and effective identity that makes you stand out.

Campaign strategy

We dig deep into the issue so we can provide a compelling and inspiring proposal that focusses on real-world change where it matters.

Tactical planning

We can breakdown our own or existing strategies to detail how it can be implemented across single or multiple communication channels, creatively, efficiently and effectively.

Patient & HCP engagement

Our in-house experts can offer recommendations and support, whatever your goal.


While data is beautiful, many of the insights that feed our strategies come from stories — people's stories. Because the most powerful learnings about human behaviour and experiences often aren’t captured in numbers, or they’ve fallen through the inclusion gaps.

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As a founding principle of Cuttsy+Cuttsy, we put our primary audiences, whether they’re patients, carers, or healthcare professionals, at the heart of our thinking. We gather their views and perspectives on an issue and seek to make their world a clearer place.

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words that inspire us
'If you are not prepared to be wrong you’ll never come up with anything original.'
Sir Ken Robinson
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