Javelin champ pays-it-forward

January 26, 2022

The next charity to receive a donation as part of the Cuttsy Cares charitable programme is CP Sport and was nominated by Account Executive, Carrie Berney.

CP Sport encourages people with cerebral palsy (CP) to live more active lives by promoting the opportunity and benefits involved in taking part in sport and physical activities.  Carrie’s brother, Danny, has received their support since he started competing in javelin competitions 14 years ago.  He was recently declared a national javelin champion.

‘This sense of achievement means so much to someone who has fought a battle his whole life to fit into society and know what he can accomplish as a disabled athlete,’ says Carrie. ‘This is not only an achievement for Danny, but is a demonstration of the capabilities of disabled athletes and promotes investment into disabled sport.’

Danny is currently training to run his first ever half-marathon to raise money for CP Sport.  He would like to ‘pay-forward’ the support he has had to others with CP, by funding training for new coaches as well as online fitness sessions to help people with CP stay active.  The half-marathon will take place in Chelmsford on 6th March.

‘It’s important for people with cerebral palsy to embrace their disability and to find a sport which they love, giving them opportunities to compete and socialise within their community,’ says Danny.  ‘I’m a passionate sportsman and aim to one day compete in the Paralympics. I found the sport I love through competing at a CP sports event and would love to give something back to them after all these years.’

Good luck Danny from everyone at Cuttsy+Cuttsy!

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