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March 30, 2023

Our charitable programme — Cuttsy Cares — has been running for the past 2 years, providing the Cuttsy+Cuttsy team with the opportunity to support causes close to their hearts. What started as part of the agency’s 10-year anniversary celebrations, has become an established opportunity for our team to support charities and make people’s lives better.

This year we supported more causes than ever. The breadth of nominations we received from across the team, demonstrated the importance and variety of work that charitable organisations undertake to improve the lives of so many people. From funding vital research, to supporting people living with long-term health conditions find work, to emergency care for those affected by environmental disasters, each charity is making a positive impact.

Over the past year, with each charity nominated by a member of our team, Cuttsy Cares supported:

Turner Syndrome Support Society
A UK charity caring for those with Turners Syndrome (TS): a rare disease affecting approximately 1 in every 2000 women. The Society provides up-to-date information, advice and support for girls and women living with TS and their families. A place to share experiences and make life-long friends.

Astriid is a recruitment charity set up to support people with disabilities and long-term conditions, and their carers, looking for meaningful work or volunteering opportunities. Astriid’s mission is to make workplaces more inclusive for people with long-term conditions.

Cambridge Stroke Group
The Cambridge Stroke Group provides support and a lifeline to local stroke survivors, helping to transform their lives and speed up recovery after a stroke by gaining independence, establishing new friendships, and experiencing new activities.

A charity based in Cornwall supplying aid to families devastated by disaster — flood, typhoon, hurricane, tsunami, earthquake. They provide shelter and tools so people can rebuild their homes, communities and lives.

Upwards with Downs
Upwards with Downs supports adults and children with Down Syndrome throughout Essex, Hertfordshire.   

The Migraine Trust
As well as funding medical research into the causes of migraine, The Migraine Trust offers support to the one in seven people in the UK who live with them.

Cancer Research UKCarrie’s Race for Life
Senior Account Executive, Carrie Berney is taking part in the Race for Life in aid of CRUK. The whole team is behind you Carrie — good luck!

Buffalo Hospice
Providing hospice care for individuals suffering from life-limiting illness and/or in need of palliative care.

And finally, a Cuttsy Cares donation was made to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).  In addition to their continuing efforts to support the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, our donation went towards supporting their efforts to help those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria as well as the floods in Pakistan.    

What we delivered:

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