Research & insights

Life has become so data rich but it doesn't always tell the whole story. Human emotions and experiences are amongst the hardest to put down in numbers. So, we don’t just browse data from a distance, we get up close and personal with the end user to listen to their experiences, understand their needs and involve them in co-designing a solution. We are BHBIA members, which ensures we carry out research to the highest standards of ethics and quality.

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A view of some of our approaches

Patient pathways & journey mapping

From desk research to user engagement, we map out core touch points in an empathetic and highly visual way to support effective decision-making.

Audience needs & insights

Whether through social listening, surveys or interviews, we will design and implement the right approach to understand the needs of an audience and provide guidance on next steps.

Advisory boards & forums

Whether it's global or local, with practitioners or patients, we can develop and facilitate meetings that support respectful collaboration while effectively navigating compliance requirements.

Project relationships

For those projects where it’s best not to work alone, we build trusted relationship with field experts or patient representatives in order to discover, define, develop and deliver projects together.

From insights to action

Embedding principles of emotional intelligence allows us to build meaningful and impactful connections in our communications. Reason leads to conclusion, emotion leads to action. Which is why a big part of our work is focussed on inspiring action through collaborative, strategic and considerate planning, and enabling action through creative, user-friendly content.

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words that inspire us
‘The most essential pre-requisite to understanding is to be able to admit when you don’t understand something.'
Richard Saul Wurman
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