Health education
& communication

Improving awareness, understanding and outcomes across healthcare is a driver that fuels all our work. It’s also why our educational and communication services are so broad. From trials to treatments, awareness to promotion, delivering clear, accessible content that people connect with and understand is crucial. This is why we cover the full patient journey and put health literacy and visual communication at its heart.

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A flavour of what we cover

Disease awareness

From individual pieces to full multi-channel campaigns, our creative content builds off real insights to address gaps in awareness and understanding, however unique the setting.

Patient & HCP support

We deliver trusted information in printed and digital formats, via online and in-person tools to support dialogue, understanding and care.

Education & training

Thanks to our in-house educators and instructional designers, our content goes that extra step to improve engagement and enable long-term understanding for service users and providers.

Events & exhibitions

With an award-winning history in events and a team of engagement, creative and compliance experts, we can design and deliver tailored content for audiences in a range of settings.

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Data visualisations

Bringing information to life through visualisations, infographics, and animations has always been important to our team. We all know an image can convey complex messages more quickly and more impactfully than the word equivalent. But with language, literacy and other barriers making health information even less accessible for some, a picture today is now worth a lot more than a just thousand words.

Authentic writing

Our writers aren’t hired just for their medical expertise and compliance know-how. Emotional intelligence is a key attribute of all our team. It’s this that helps them maintain a human touch and empathetic connection with audiences while upholding industry standards. And when combined with our creative capabilities and patient insight, we transform information-heavy data into compelling content with scientific integrity.

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