Happy Birthday to us

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 17 April 2020

Excuse us for being a little late! As this is something we pride ourselves in not being, but last week we turned nine. Blink and we find ourselves back in the shed at the end of the garden where it all began, obviously not by choice or because we have less work. In fact we now have 25 offices all across the UK! Maybe that’s a little twist on the truth in our set up but that’s how many payrolled employees we have who are now all working from home.

We count ourselves as the very lucky ones, we actually can and have work. We are also very fortunate to have a solid infrastructure which has come from years of working hard on our flexible working culture. This means we are able to continue to deliver for our clients in a ‘business as usual’ way.

In the nine years we have been in existence, the last three weeks have seen the biggest change - 25 offices overnight, two virtual onboardings (the first time we have used the work onboarding!), many more ‘Zoom’ face to face meetings and workshops without being in the same room as well as meeting pets and children! Six new starters, virtual coffee breaks, yoga sessions and the new benefit of a regular Friday drinks in our ‘Zoom pub’ without the worry of driving home afterwards!

This has changed the way we work forever and we honestly don’t know where the next six months is going to take us, let alone the next nine years but we look forward with optimism. Stay safe.