Time to talk?

February 7, 2019

Today is ‘Time to Talk’ day! It also coincides with us relaunching our Health and Wellbeing pack for our team.

Everyone is being encouraged to talk about their mental wellbeing, but how do you start that conversation, who do you talk to and how should you react if someone opens up to you? Then where do you go for help, advice or support?

So after considerable research and some training, we have people at C+C who now have a good idea of how to handle these situations. However, we are no experts! So our pack signposts who the team could reach out to and where to go for support, whether for themselves, a friend or family member. It also includes some guidance on how to improve your mental health, whether by the means of mindfulness, using a wellness action plan, or exercise (our annual trainer team giveaway starts in a month).

As it is time to talk it would be good to hear what others are doing in this area at work. So please comment on any of our social channels, the links are in the navigation.

What we delivered:

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