PIF Partnership: an opportunity to improve health information for all

June 16, 2022

For over two decades it has been the mission of the Patient Information Forum (PIF) to improve access to ‘high-quality healthcare information’ for everyone. Their proudly independent approach invites trusted voices to come together to share knowledge and best practice. PIF’s cross-sector partnerships are the key to this formula by providing close collaboration on projects, events and publications to support the PIF mission.

And we are the latest – and one of only two healthcare agencies to be awarded PIF Partner status. We join some of the most influential and well-respected health charities and professional bodies, bringing their own valuable expertise into the mix.

“We are really excited to become a PIF Partner. Believing that all people should have access to reliable information, underpinned by the principles of health literacy, is ingrained into our agency’s culture. This was showcased earlier this year when we became one of the first healthcare communication agencies to become PIF TICK accredited. However, we were determined to go further to provide all the support we could to help improve health information and reduce health inequality. Our Partner status will allow us to do just that.” - Caroline Benson, Co-Founder Cuttsy+Cuttsy.

We have begun work with PIF on a campaign to develop awareness of the PIF TICK among healthcare professionals (HCPs), by gathering information from PIF member organisations' medical reviewers and HCPs on the barriers they face sourcing reliable health information for patients. This is just the first demonstration of our public commitment to PIF’s mission. Cuttsy+Cuttsy will continue to champion and uphold PIF’s principles as they strive for better policy and health information for all.

“We are thrilled to welcome Cuttsy+Cuttsy as a PIF Partner. Accurate, accessible, evidence-based information is key to increasing patient empowerment and improving health outcomes.” - Sophie Randall, Director Patient Information Forum

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