Working here

We have always believed that agencies live and die by their ability to attract, inspire and retain the best people. That’s one of the reasons we were awarded ‘We invest in People, Gold’ from Investors in People. This follows previous recognition from Campaign magazine as one of the top 20 places to work and Platinum CPD accreditation by the IPA, after four consecutive years of Gold. We also won the SME award two years in a row for work life balance.

We’ve always been flexible; it comes with the territory of an independent business. But we’ve gone further than most companies to foster a working environment that brings out the best in every employee. We’re all able to work from home when needed (and for some of us, that’s 100% of the time). We have a remote working policy that ensures working away from the office is as transparent and supported as it ought to be. However, most of us choose to work in the office (all the time or as part of a hybrid working pattern) as it’s through conversations and ‘aha’ moments with one another that the best work comes to light. Our agency home is at The Works, on Unity Campus - a few miles south of Cambridge. 

We have a famous ‘no long hours’ policy. Make no mistake; when we need to stay late to crack a deadline, we do. But by prioritising efficiency and open communication, working late is rarely on the agenda.

Because we’re all about people, we do personal development differently. Each staff member has a monthly review with their manager, focusing on identifying and nurturing strengths and dealing with concerns before they develop. Continual professional development (CPD) is a priority, not a light at the end of the tunnel!

We also encourage a culture of exercise and staying active, whether on our own time or during the working day, and as a small incentive, we gift everyone with new trainers each year.

It’s our commitment to training and development, recognition and reward, and supporting the wellbeing of the team that were key factors in our ‘We invest in People, Gold’ accreditation from Investors in People. Proving that ‘Where People Matter’ is more than our motto … it's how we work.