Medical Communications

We use our creative capabilities and patient insight to transform information-heavy data into compelling communications with scientific integrity.

Imagine delivering impartial, empowering support into the hands of patients and carers...

The opportunity
To create education materials for immunotherapy, with the potential to not just inform but to offer true choice.
The challenge
Our client needed to understand how their new treatment would be received by HCPs and patient communities in a practicing environment, instead of a research context. Would it be fully implemented by clinicians and nurses, understood by patients and its benefits made clear to all?
The work
We kicked off a dedicated phase of uncovering unmet needs by running multiple advisory boards with patients, nurses and carers. With so many questions to be answered in a new therapy area, we responded with a definitive information toolkit, deployed across multiple markets. It gives patients — beyond the critical basics — the choice to take in exactly the amount and intensity of information they felt comfortable with at each stage of their treatment journey. It gives HCPs a dialogue-enabling toolkit to support their conversations with patients and their families.
The outcome
The resulting co-created, unbranded, Patient Advocacy Group (PAG)-endorsed materials are making a real difference to the cancer community. Our client is now a highly regarded, trusted voice in associated scientific societies. Ultimately, more patients have become informed, empowered and equipped to make their therapy choice.