Internal Communications

How you communicate your mission to your own organisation is as vital as anything you say to customers, whether it’s an awareness campaign, a workshop or a company townhall.

Imagine the death of PowerPoint, and what it means for sales conferences...

The opportunity
Holding an international sales conference that crosses barriers and integrates different ways of working is a chance to be remembered for all the right reasons.
The challenge
Our client, a global pharmaceutical company, had identified six markets from across Europe that had similar challenges and could benefit from each other’s learnings. Our challenge was to enable them to collaborate across four different business functions and six very different languages.
The work
We created strong branding and content which included animations, films, staging and presentation sessions for three successive annual sales meetings. We ensured all presentations maximised on visuals and left no room for linguistic misunderstandings. We put delegates into cross-function (and cross-border!) teams and asked them to work together on unusual, team-building exercises, from a flash mob in the middle of a public square to a choral Abba rendition with pop video. We topped each event off with an award ceremony developed and scripted by us.
The outcome
86% of delegates who completed our feedback surveys described the meetings as good or excellent. Both team building exercises were well received, receiving Good or Excellent ratings from 95% of respondents in the first year, and 85% in the second. Ultimately, we transformed the conference environment from dry PowerPoint presentations and nodding heads to a room of attendees who were excited to return the next year.