Clinical trial support

Increasingly, clients approach us for our extensive experience in applying health literacy principles to patient support materials, in order to boost patient recruitment and retention.

Bringing a drug to market is a hugely expensive investment and we believe nothing should be left to chance. Together with our clients, patients and healthcare professionals, we combine our experience of data visualisation, design and the principles of health literacy to produce materials that help guide trial participants through their journey. 

To date, over 8,000 patients have benefited from our materials, across 12 disease areas. We have translated them into over 40 languages, for more than 25 countries worldwide.

We cover:

Protocol review
Challenge assessment
Tailored materials
Content creation
Medical writing
Study branding
Visual communication
Material engineering
Translation management
Distribution (Digital and print)
Data visualisation

Clinical Trials Explained website

To see the principles of health literacy and user-friendly data visualisation in action, visit our Clinical Trials Explained site, or order a copy of the book, written by Scientific Team Leader, Dr Elizabeth Walder. Both have been endorsed by the Clinical and Contract Research Association (CCRA) UK.

Straightforward and comprehensive, Dr Elizabeth Walder’s guide to clinical trials gives us a clear overview of one of the most complex parts of clinical research. Taking us through each part of the trial process, from their functions to their follow-up, in plain, every-day language, Dr Walder’s guide offers an accessible way to ensure patients know all they need to know to help them join in and stay in a trial. A useful resource for trial organisers and participants alike. Professor Atholl Johnston, FFPM, FBPHS, FRCPATH. President of the CCRA

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