Campaign strategy

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Imagine demonstrating the impact of formulation flexibility to patients and HCPs...

The opportunity

To anchor formulation improvements not through traditional mode of action (MoA) communication, but in the meaningful benefits to patient quality of life. 

The challenge

To develop and roll out a launch campaign for a re-formulated oncology product for all audiences — from physicians, to patients and pharmacists.

The work

On top of comprehensive launch materials that helped HCPs manage and communicate the switch to patients, we went further than a traditional MoA and created a different kind of animation. 

Once we laid out the attributes of both new and old formulation in detail, it became clear that this wasn’t just about incremental benefit, but something more. The new formulation could give back a little of the most in-demand quality to the patients taking it: more time to themselves.  

The outcome

The materials did what they should: made it easier for sales reps to do their job. 

Together, we found a fresh way of approaching a familiar request.