Our approach

We believe in people not patients, partners not clients and peers not employees. This is integral to everything we do.

The philosophy of ‘people matter’ doesn’t stop at our door. It’s an attitude that extends to our clients, the patients and HCPs we work with and the other agencies we collaborate with.

Our working principles

It’s easy to talk, much harder to demonstrate impact. But our belief that people matter drives everything we do. To ensure it’s meaningful, we ground that belief in six working principles:



Being other-centric is a founding principle of Cuttsy + Cuttsy. The words we use to define each other matter, and while labels are shortcuts to meaning, they can easily dehumanise, or distract from what is really being said. We believe in people not patients, partners not clients, peers not employees.


Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence (EI) is our compass. Each employee is coached in the importance of internal awareness, self-management, relationship management and social awareness. It’s why we believe in purposeful communication and are 100% healthcare focused. The principles of EI foster empathy, lend themselves to effective client partnering, strengthen inter-agency and supplier collaboration and result in relentless focus on the end-user; whether HCP or patient.



Co-creation and the requisite collaboration that runs through it, underpins all our work with patients and HCPs. But co-creating is hard to get right. It’s less about design by committee, and more learning how to make all participants feel heard and valued; while ensuring the output is as insightful as can be. We encourage an atmosphere of collaboration in our office, we equip our team for co-creation through a constant emphasis on up-skilling and CPD and by instilling the values of emotional intelligence.



A client once commented that we showed their budget the same level of care as if the money was our own. That’s an attitude we extend to everyone we work for. As proud members of the BHBIA, we use business intelligence (BI) to ensure that we don’t recommend an approach to our clients unless we believe wholeheartedly in its value and effectiveness. Together with our clients, we work to develop effective KPIs and ensure our outcomes are rooted in real business requirements.



Our compliance requirements are never an after-thought. Everyone working at C+C receives annual compliance training as a minimum, not just those who are client-facing. We are trained in client review systems such as Zinc and Veeva Vault PromoMats. We also organise quarterly briefings for our agency from an ABPI expert and are happy to undertake any additional compliance training from our clients, without charge.



A lot of agencies talk transformation; of both people and work. But few of them have the breadth of training techniques to make this a reality. This is where we come in. Amongst our number are health literacy experts, healthcare education specialists, teachers, accredited coaches and design thinking and NLP practitioners. And as you may have already read, we have a bit of an obsession with CPD. Faking it until you make it is rarely the right answer, but support and training often are. If you are interested to discover how our other-centric approach could work for you, let's talk