The Rules of Engagement

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 21 December 2015

Cuttsy+Cuttsy is proud to announce that every single one of us are now officially up-to-date with the latest changes to the ABPI Code of Practice.

Not too long ago, our offices played host to a visit from industry trainers Compliance Hub, affiliate members of the ABPI, for a discussion of how the Code has adapted to keep pace with new issues in social media and digital promotion.

This session also included a comprehensive grounding in the perception and regulation of pharmaceutical marketing for our recent recruits from outside the industry.

Of particular interest, as an agency with a strong offering in live events and meetings, was the ABPI’s heightened focus on transparency and financial disclosure. Since January 2015, members of the pharma community in 33 countries across Europe have been collating data on their payments to individual HCPs with the aim of creating a publicly-searchable database due for launch in June 2016.

The ability to see which specific practitioners have received service, subsistence or sponsorship grants may seem like a small change vs. the current system. However, for those companies who make strong use of their KOL relationships, it highlights the intense public interest that we are all now subject to as well as the importance of accounting for every penny when planning events.

With the pharma industry under ever-greater scrutiny, sessions like these that remind us how best to communicate responsibly with our audience are a vital tool, helping us maintain high standards of practice for our agency and the industry at large. As 2016 begins, the guidelines will see even more changes but we can now be certain of one thing – we’re ready and able to take them in our stride.