Sydney Pixar camera up

Sydney Payne | 30 January 2017

I have been working at Cuttsy+Cuttsy as a Graphic Designer for just over a year, prior to which I studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. I was very fortunate to meet the Cuttsy team at the New Designers showcase in London while I was exhibiting with my university. I started here on an internship and then was asked to stay on full-time.

My tasks are very varied, from branding and art working to filming and editing. I have developed a particular interest in film and animation, and I really enjoy the idea of taking something flat and motionless and bringing it to life.

The agency’s IPA membership has made a big difference to my progression; allowing time for training is something that is really important to me. It means I have been able to expand on my skills while working on projects, which keeps my development relevant to my work. I finished off 2016 with just under 200 hours on my CPD diary, which I was very proud of.

My most valuable and exciting training has to be learning to use our new Sony FS5 camcorder, alongside developing skills in editing and animation in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. This lets me see a film or animation project through from beginning to end, so I can make sure everything we do supports the core idea and follows the story. This is very important to us here.

Days in the office can really vary depending on what projects we have in the studio, although they all start with a milky tea! I am very lucky to say that I love my job. The variety of projects that we work on means that we constantly face new and interesting challenges. But the people I work with are among the main reasons I enjoy my job: we are one big team, which makes working on projects together so much fun.

Two projects stand out from the rest. The first was a big event that we ran in Portugal. I have never been involved in this type of project before and it was so exciting and interesting. It really pushed my knowledge and my skills. The event was an internal sales conference involving lots of meetings and presentations. We decided we did not want a single PowerPoint slide in sight, so I was given the job of creating animations which would fill the massive screen that stretched out across the whole stage, measuring 14 m x 3.5 m.

It was a challenge working out dimensions for the content on such a large scale while working on a small computer screen, and seeing my work on that giant screen was a big achievement for me.

Once the other presenters started to see how impactful we could make their content they all wanted us to make their presentations more exciting. This led to a lot of thinking on my feet to come up with creative eye-catching images. I am relieved to say it all worked well and was a big hit with the attendees.

The second project was to help raise the profile of the work an internal team had been doing to their management team. This gave me a great opportunity to start using the filming skills I had built up over the past few months. We set up a film shoot and interviewed the team, taking charge of the camera gave me a chance to experiment with the look and feel of the film. The best part was that I had full control of the edit and the feedback from the client was fantastic.

The great thing about working in healthcare is the wide range of jobs that we work on. It’s an amazing feeling to work on projects that have substance and that you can feel proud of, and I really enjoy knowing that our work makes a difference.