Mathew Cutts to Judge the 2019 PM Digital Awards

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 25th April 2019

Mathew Cutts one of our founders invited to judge the upcoming PM Society Digital Awards 2019. 

‘I am honoured to be a judge again. There are several aspects I like about the way the judging for the awards takes place, firstly clients are involved and these are the people ultimately decide what work sees light of day before it even gets to become an entry, this brings real credibility to the PM Digitals. Secondly the fact that the team who created each shortlisted entry gets to present means it is much like a pitch process.

I also like the fact that the entries are strongly debated after each presentation which makes for a very interesting process that takes into account points of view from both agency and client side, which I can assure anyone entering means that the judging is fair and balanced.

I very much look forward to meeting my fellow judges as well as seeing all the presentations in June.’

Mathew Cutts