It’s more than just a font.

Kiemia Farrow | 19 March 2018

In 2008 Mencap, a charity for people with learning disabilities, commissioned Jason Smith to design a type face.1 It was a sans serif type face that was clean, humanist and most importantly legible. 10 years later, the same font is now used across Cuttsy+Cuttsy’s collateral from presentation documents to our website. But why the emphasis on FS Me and what makes a font such a key part of a brand?

Why FS Me?

Have you ever read an article, a piece of marketing collateral, a book or a website and you just got a little lost half way through? The article may be engaging but the font is too small, too close together, too light in colour or all of the above. Frustrating isn’t it. This is something that we as a company, who are passionate about making content accessible to all, want to avoid. By choosing FS Me, thinking about how we use it and how it is applied to our printed and online material, we believe we have found the right balance in encouraging health literacy throughout our communications.

Letting it breathe

Words need space. The importance of space around words is almost as important as the words themselves. FS Me supports the ethos that Cuttsy+Cuttsy have, that less really is more when it comes to filling pages. The quality of our content is still there but what FS Me does is that it provides space for the content to breathe, space to think and space to stand on its own. This allows the reader to take the time they need to digest the information presented to them. We know it isn’t just down to the font but also the way it is applied, and these two really do go hand in hand.

An award winning example

A wonderful example of having room to breathe is the website. In 2013 The Design Museum awarded the website Design of the Year2‘for its well thought out yet understated design, making the user experience simpler, clearer and faster. The website is regarded as one of the leading government websites in the world.’ The website itself doesn’t use FS Me, but it does take into account everything that we believe when designing. Giving the content space to breathe is something that we will strive to achieve and with the help of our new corporate font we will be able to do this.

Fonts aren’t everything

Fonts aren’t everything, but working the right content into the right space, in the right font makes a world of difference. Working as a team allows us to bring all of these elements together. The content team write for the space we have, the design team work the content into the space they have and the final piece of design is clear, legible and easily accessible to all who wish to read it. So when our team works together we can produce effective health literacy materials for you and your patients.