In Search of Our 'Why?'

Caroline Benson | 22 March 2017

There is a large amount of coverage on articles by Simon Sinek on social media at the moment. Simon is probably best known for his book ‘Start With Why’ and his TED Talk, filmed in 2009 , which has over 30 million views and obviously resonates with people. Simon believes even though you know what you do for a job and how to do it, to really enjoy and feel fulfilled in your job, you need to know your ‘why?’.

I recently came across VUCA, which stands for volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity – key challenges that affect day-to-day business operations. With this in mind, it made me think about the last six years of running Cuttsy+Cuttsy, from a start-up during the recession of 2011 to where we are today. I was left thinking about the one thing that has been constant during this time: our ‘why?’.

Our ‘why?’ is ‘because people matter’, but how do we know this? Well, it manifests itself in three ways:

Our Clients Matter

From day one, our clients have appeared at the top of our organogram. They are part of the cultural fit of our agency. All agency owners know how destructive a bad client can be to your business, but we are fortunate to have fantastic clients. Clients bring exciting projects to the agency, and we love it when the clients get excited about the work too – it lifts everyone.

Recent feedback from one of our clients, ’I can rely on C+C to deliver as if it’s their own – easy to say, hard to do’, reinforced to me that we work as a team and that team includes our clients. Clients are people too.

Our People Matter

It may be a cliché that ‘the agency is only as good as its people’, but it’s true. However, at C+C there is so much more to it than this. The enjoyment of watching people grow, learn and develop is as much of a thrill as developing an amazing piece of creative work. This is why, at the heart of C+C, we foster a culture of professional development. Everyone is encouraged to be part of a process of continuous improvement, encouraged to learn and encouraged to explore. We work hard at providing a culture of flexible working to make sure that our people get to live their lives, both at home and at work. We have even won the Working Mums Best SME for our holistic approach to wellbeing at work and hold the gold standard for CPD with the IPA.

We firmly believe that if you grow people’s skills and help them to grow as individuals, the agency will grow and create opportunities for all.

All People Matter

Our work affects people. People who, by making a film to help others, have come to terms with the journey they have been on. The patient who received a standing ovation for telling their story to the attendees at an internal conference. People who are helped by simplified clinical trial materials that explains to them the journey they are about to embark on. All in a language they can understand. People who have read one of our books and now understand their or a relative’s condition much better. Healthcare professionals who can now administer a drug much more easily, due to training received via an app we developed.

We are in healthcare for a reason. That reason is that our work makes a difference to people, and people matter.