Helping to build a stronger and healthier community

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 13 December 2015

We hear day-in and day-out about the pressures on today’s NHS; underfunded and overwhelmed by modern day healthcare demands, catering to a population that is living much longer than anticipated. For our local health trust, Addenbrooke’s, these pressures are a daily reality yet the hospital still maintains a reputation as one of the world’s finest teaching and research hospitals.

A major reason for this success is ACT, the Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust. This charity is dedicated to supporting the innovative work of the hospital by raising funds through donations from the general public and, via their Business in Action network, from local Cambridge businesses.

Business in Action currently accounts for more than 35% of ACT’s corporate income but the Trust felt that it had potential to become a much greater source of support if promoted clearly. That’s where Cuttsy and Cuttsy volunteered to help.

First, we sat down with key spokespeople from ACT and BIA to help them set clear goals.

Next we had conversations with the local business. This identified that the community wasn’t clear on what membership of Business in Action actually offered.

To clarify BIA’s offering, we ran a workshop with BIA staff and members, gathering their views on the true benefits of the network to its members.

The points where BIA’s benefits overlapped with local businesses’ needs formed the core of our recommendations for BIA’s promotional strategy going forward. Our key insight, that current members place highest value on having the chance to give back to their community, also helped us offer guidance on where BIA should be targeting its promotions and recruitment.

With Addenbrooke’s set to become the biggest Biomedical Campus in Europe, ACT’s role will become even more vital over the coming years. Armed with a new, more focussed strategy, built around emphasising the real results of members’ support, we hope that BIA can now go about increasing their membership, enabling Addenbrooke’s to continue making a real difference to patient care for many years to come.