Cuttsy+Cuttsy launches clinical trials website

Dr Liz Walder | 6 July 2017

Cuttsy+Cuttsy is delighted to unveil its latest contribution to health literacy: a website explaining the world of clinical trials.

The site is based on the book Clinical Trials…in Plain English, by our scientific team leader Dr Elizabeth Walder. After the book was endorsed by the Clinical and Contracts Research Association (CCRA), we decided to make it more widely available by creating an online version.

The result,, provides clear, intuitively presented and easily understood information on the purpose of trials, the different forms they may take, and what to expect if you participate in one. The site’s value to anyone interested in clinical trials is reflected by the fact that it has already received its own CCRA endorsement.

Graphic Designer Sarah Gracey took the content from page to screen:

“When designing the clinical trials website, we wanted to make sure the information was as accessible as possible for patients. By keeping the design clean with pops of colour provided by the icons and graphics, we ensured that the most important points were not lost in a sea of information and the essence of great health literacy remained at the heart of the design.”

For the author, Dr Elizabeth Walder, the development of the site represents an exciting expansion of the potential audience able to benefit from her book:

“I wanted to provide a resource which could decode the scientific and medical jargon, explain to patients and healthy volunteers what to expect during a clinical trial, and take some of their fear away. It’s very exciting to have the book made into such a user-friendly website which uses all the health literacy principles to ensure patients are getting the information they need in a language and format that they understand.”