CPD Gold accreditation

Mathew Cutts | 6 April 2016

My original mentor, who was also the person that I worked for the longest, was continuous professional development (CPD) mad. She would encourage me to read business books, go on courses, attend galleries, in fact anyway I could find to absorb information and learn was encouraged. The agency was sold, the budgets tightened and the CPD reduced to virtually nothing – I left. 

It’s not surprising then, that we take CPD seriously and as soon as we joined the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) we set our sights on getting the Gold accreditation.

To achieve gold is a full on commitment and helps define your company values, it is certainly not about having a HR tick list.

We had to prove how our CPD activities link to our business goals and demonstrate ROI.

There is mandatory training that a percentage of the agency has to do as a whole as well as our team completing at least 24hrs of training each (which we smashed by the way!). We demonstrated some of the more innovative and fun elements we have, such as our ‘pop up’ appraisals and running shoes!

  • Importantly, what does investing in professional development mean for our clients? It means…
  • They can feel confident that our team knows the latest changes in compliance and regulations
  • Our team will be able to bring new ideas and innovative solutions to their business challenges
  • They will be working with the same team for longer as staff retention is better
  • We have high staff morale and motivation so they work with happy hard working people
  • They will be working with the best people as we are able to attract great talent
  • They get to work with people who are constantly looking for ways to improve themselves and their service to their clients

Achieving Gold this year was not an easy task, only 41 out of about 330 agencies in the IPA made it.

Sarah Ellis, Chair of Judges and Head of Marketing Strategy, Sainsbury’s, “This year a record-breaking 41 agencies have been awarded CPD Gold. The diversity, creativity and commitment of agencies to CPD is inspiring. The judges were particularly impressed with how CPD is now part of the DNA of so many agencies and inextricably linked to achieving their business goals. Congratulations to all the fantastic winners!”

Here at Cuttsy and Cuttsy we truly believe the key to successful staff and happy clients is ‘Learn, develop, improve’.

As CPD is an ongoing process we are not resting on our laurels. Just two months after we submitted our 60 page document, we are already looking for further ways to learn and develop based on the feedback we received from the IPA.