Cuttsy+Cuttsy plain English

Dr Liz Walder | 12 December 2017

Christmas is a time of giving, so this December Cuttsy+Cuttsy are giving away PDF versions of their “… in Plain English” patient books.

All too often, healthcare content is written in medic-speak. When information assumes technical knowledge which its audience doesn’t have, it can be intimidating and off-putting. Clear, uncomplicated, jargon-free writing in plain English allows patients to take control of their own health and feel confident that they understand their treatment.

For December only, our patient e-books on clinical trials, coeliac disease, high blood pressure, pain and rheumatoid arthritis will be available to download for free in PDF format.

Written in plain English, by our Scientific Team Leader, Dr Liz Walder and designed in house, our beautifully illustrated e-books help to decipher all the jargon and make complex medical conditions and processes less daunting.