Alternative Account Management skills

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 2 June 2016

As a naturally competitive individual I love a challenge, whether it’s physical or mental. Since leaving university, I like to complete at least one big challenge each year to push my mind and body and experience that great sense of achievement. So far these have ranged from conquering the highest peak in the Atlas Mountains, North Africa to cycling 250+ miles along the River Danube.

In my teenage years, competitive running and plenty of sport led to many injuries and countless physiotherapy appointments. My curiosity of the science behind the rehabilitation process and the desire to help other people recover from injury and illness led to my decision to study physiotherapy at university. During my time as a practising physiotherapist, having the daily challenge of diagnosing injuries and providing suitable rehabilitation was both exciting and hard work.

Now working as an Account Manager at Cuttsy and Cuttsy, the nature of my work-related challenges are very different but just as demanding! Sticking to tight deadlines, prioritising an expanding workload and building strong client relationships keeps me focused and motivated.

My role has taken me onsite to run events, allowing me to experience the final output of months of preparation. Being onsite brings its own challenges whether it’s helping to resolve set-up issues, making last minute content changes or finding time to squeeze in some much needed exercise. In April whilst onsite I was presented with an unexpected challenge of convincing my clients to join me at 07:00 for a CrossFit (high-intensity interval training) workout before a very full conference agenda. Early the next morning (much to my surprise), there they were so I put them through their paces.

Studies show that exercise is directly linked to improved cognitive performance. In situations such as conferences where people can be sat down all day long, small bouts of exercise can be extremely beneficial in improving concentration and lowering stress levels. Interestingly, feedback from our post event survey revealed that attendees wanted more time during the busy agenda to be able to exercise and avoid being sat down all day. This feedback is very valuable and building an optional exercise block into the agenda is something we will consider including for future events.

With it being highly likely that I will be delivering CrossFit workouts to a wider audience at future events, I’m currently practising on the C+C team every Thursday lunchtime, which of course they all love! So, next time you’re onsite with Cuttsy+Cuttsy why don’t you take on our fitness challenge and join us for a concentration boosting CrossFit workout. Don’t forget your trainers!