2021 ABPI Code of Practice is here

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 1 July 2021

The new-look and more user-friendly ABPI Code of Practice goes live today. With a different structure, revamped clauses and an emphasis on four key principles; Benefiting patients, acting with integrity, ensuring transparency and interacting with respect, the new ABPI code will continue to positively challenge everyone in the industry. But what changes are we most excited to see and how are we supporting the team with code compliance?

Putting patients first

The new code was published following a public consultation and it is great to see an increased focus on benefits for patients, greater flexibility for patient involvement, as well as the inclusion of patient organisations within the remit of the regulations.  

Patient involvement is a step beyond engagement where patients and organisations are involved as equal partners, they help to shape plans, share decision-making etc. But to happen in a meaningful way it requires commitment at an organisational level and clear paths to enable it to happen. Some of the changes within this year's ABPI code update are in line with this new movement towards embedding public involvement in industry practices.’  Philippa Pristera, Patient Engagement Strategy Lead, Cuttsy+Cuttsy

The focus on patients will be strengthened further as part of the ABPI’s Patient Engagement Strategy, which includes a range of initiatives including the formation of a New Patient Advisory Council.  And the ABPI are not alone in elevating the importance of patients’ voices in developing its regulations; the MHRA recently closed its public consultation on its Patient Involvement Strategy.  

Training and support

Working in an environment where ‘Pharma codes’, ‘regulation’ and ‘drug safety’ form part of our daily vocabulary, it would be easy to become a little daunted by the prospect of any changes in the world of compliance. However, with regular training and some common sense, this environment is not as daunting as it looks.

As a result, compliance induction is one of the key features of the new code;  we work closely with Jayne Packham Consultancy to provide new-starter code training and annual refresher courses to our whole team so that we all understand it fully and keep up-to-date with changes.

2021 Code of Practice? Check!