1,000 trees a day to say thank you

Cuttsy+Cuttsy | 01 December 2021

This time last year when we thought we would be seeing the back of the pandemic, we asked our team to think of others with our ‘Pay it forward’ festive campaign. One year on, and Covid-19 has proven that the whole world needs to be able to see the end of the pandemic before any individual can.


And while the pandemic continues to do its damage, it’s important to recognise the impact we all have on the environment. Without a healthy planet we won’t be able to have healthy people, something our industry takes great pride in. We’re all connected, and we need to think bigger.


Even though many of us compete against each other in pitches for work, we all have the same goal of helping patients understand their illness and treatments available to improve their care.


Through industry bodies such as the PM Society, HCA and IPA (to name a few), we come together and get to know one and another. We provide each other with recognition through awards and are able to point our clients in the direction of certain specialist skills when needed. We also provide each other counsel and form lasting friendships. We are a bigger community than a single entity.


This festive season we have decided to donate 1,000 trees a day via Ecologi to other agencies, peers or partners who have put out a helping hand in some way this last year as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all they do in healthcare communications.


Healthy people need a healthy planet.