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20 July 2022
Our first EcoVadis rating comes back SILVER!
Louise Jones, Cuttsy+Cuttsy's Sustainability Officer celebrates our EcoVadis silver rating.
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16 June 2022
PIF Partnership: an opportunity to improve health information for all
As official PIF Partners we’re pleased to be supporting the Patient Information Forum raise awareness of the PIF TICK.
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04 May 2022
Ticking all the criteria as a trusted information creator
We are one of the first healthcare communications agencies to receive the Patient Information Forum’s seal of approval – the PIF Tick.
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22 April 2022
Get to know our new Sustainability Officer
Louise Jones talks about her new role as Sustainability Officer and why she wanted to take on this challenge.
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11 April 2022
Winning Campaign's Best Places to Work, proving people really do matter
Kate McCabe explains why Cuttsy+Cuttsy coming #3 in Campaign's Best Places to Work feels so special.
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10 March 2022
Online visibility: designing for the visually impaired
We partnered with Lebers Hereditary Optic Neuropathy Society to help them engage and connect with people affected by LHON.
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08 February 2022
Does being an independent agency really matter?
With Cuttsy+Cuttsy ranked as the #6 in the Independent Agency in PM Live’s T40 2021, Mathew Cutts reflects on what being ‘independent’ means to him.
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19 January 2022
Listening to heads AND hearts in healthcare
We talk a lot about using emotions in healthcare communications, but not as much about the business intelligence(BI) behind it.
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01 December 2021
1,000 trees a day to say thank you
We’re donating 1,000 trees a day via Ecologi to other agencies, peers or partners who have put out a helping hand in some way this last year as a way of saying ‘thank you’ for all they do in healthcare communications.
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25 November 2021
STEM careers: why it pays to think outside the lab
Editorial Assistant, Hannah Potter, shares her thoughts on careers in STEM and why the path needn’t lead solely to the lab.
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11 November 2021
Jessica Jackson promoted to Senior Medical Writer
Join us as we congratulate Jess on her recent promotion
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28 October 2021
Class of 2021
2021 has been quite a year – we’ve welcomed no fewer than 12 new members to the team. And we are still growing!
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26 October 2021
Holly Joscelyne promoted to Senior Account Manager
Join us as we congratulate Holly on her recent promotion
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21 October 2021
Opening up about patient engagement
The last in our blog series looking at key barriers to effective patient engagement in pharma
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12 October 2021
Committing time to making meaningful connections - top 5 tips
Read the second blog of the series looking at key barriers to effective patient engagement in pharma
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07 October 2021
Key barriers to effective patient engagement in pharma, and how to fix them
In the first of this series, Philippa Pristerà looks at making engagement processes more patient friendly
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05 October 2021
Health literacy: a hidden problem worth talking about
Health literacy is a complex issue, but the first step is listening to and talking with our audience, not at them.
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30 September 2021
A Climate Positive Workforce
We’ve partnered with Ecologi – the latest step to minimise our impact on the environment.
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21 September 2021
How and why we Invest in People (and can now prove it!)
Following our recent ‘We Invest in People, Gold’ accreditation by Investors in People, HR Manager, Kate McCabe, discusses why went through the process, what it involved and what it means to the team.
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14 September 2021
We got Gold
We're very proud to have been awarded ‘We invest in People, Gold’ from Investors in People.
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18 August 2021
Matt Ferguson appointed as our new Creative Digital Lead
In his new role, Matt will strengthen our digital offering to our growing number of clients.
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14 July 2021
Recognising the power of people in the fight against COVID
Promoting public involvement plays a key role in the award winning REACT study
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01 July 2021
2021 ABPI Code of Practice is here
What changes are we most excited to see and how are we supporting the team with code compliance?
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13 April 2021
Welcome to The Works
Some of the Cuttsy + Cuttsy team are slowly returning to office working and enjoying our brand-new home.
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18 March 2021
One year on ...
It’s a year since we closed our office as part of the first national ‘stay at home’ order from the government. In that time, a lot has happened, and every aspect of our lives has changed.
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30 November 2020
Paying it forward
A big smile spread across my face when I heard about the Cuttsy+Cuttsy Christmas campaign this year. For each day of advent, as a company, we’ll be paying it forward.
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26 November 2020
Health literacy: what is it and why does it matter?
October was health literacy month however, health literacy should be considered all year round.
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26 November 2020
Health literacy: small changes, big difference
This year, the importance of health literacy is more topical than ever due to COVID-19 and the confusion that surrounds it. The global pandemic has increased the need for patients to understand health-related information so that they can adapt quickly to changing rules and regulations.
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04 November 2020
Conversation to Action
With every event that passes in the rollercoaster that is 2020, we find reminders of the importance of sharing and nurturing perspectives outside our own.
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13 August 2020
Remote Learning Reflections
Throw a global pandemic into the mix and it can be tough to achieve the same learning outcomes remotely, unless we adapt our approach.
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18 June 2020
A happy health story: can COVID-19 change long term care for the better?
I think it is fair to say many of us could use a good health story right now.
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01 June 2020
Is it just a matter of words?
When we talk about patients, what we call them can have a real impact.
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20 May 2020
Settling down to the new norm
Who could have predicted a year ago that we would all be working from our kitchen table or spare room for the foreseeable future?
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11 May 2020
Launching during Lockdown
Being a new starter in a company is always exciting, nerve-racking and challenging. Especially when it is your first job after university! This is the position I found myself in 1 week before the shock COVID lockdown.
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21 April 2020
The Magnificent Seven
Cuttsy+Cuttsy are excited to have welcomed seven new members to our team over the last few months.
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17 April 2020
Happy Birthday to us
Excuse us for being a little late! As this is something we pride ourselves in not being, but last week we turned nine.
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24 March 2020
Cuttsy+Cuttsy business as unusual.
Like many other businesses we have closed our office for the foreseeable future.
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11 February 2020
We need to change the way we work
There is a lot of talk about new ways of working, flex working, remote, four-day weeks etc, but the one thing that is very often overlooked is how many hours we work.
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29 January 2020
Caroline Benson and Colin Williams to Chair the PM Society from February 2020
For the first time both industry and agencies will be equally represented as the PM Society appoints a joint chair.
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16 January 2020
Patient's Podspective
Come join Dr Liz Walder and Brooke as they explain all things medical in our brand new podcast – Patient’s Podspective.
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16 December 2019
Clinical trials, Actually.
This Christmas, we’re thinking of the thousands of clinical trial volunteers across the UK, both patients and healthy participants. We have a lot to thank them for.
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28 November 2019
Emotional intelligence at work: what kind of account manager am I?
In order to bring our best selves to work, the Cuttsy+Cuttsy team have undertaken some personality profilingover the last 12 months. I’ve since become obsessed with personality tests and profiles of all varieties!
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04 November 2019
A personal perspective on ‘Patients as Partners’
Cuttsy+Cuttsy are going to be at the Patients as Partners Europe Conference in London, January 2020. Here at Cuttsy+Cuttsy we’re serious about improving the lives of patients and their families – and personally, it’s why I chose to work in healthcare communications.
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21 October 2019
So why the new look?
We needed something that communicates what we believe in, as well as demonstrating the kind of work we do and the way we approach it: in essence, what makes us Cuttsy+Cuttsy.
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25 July 2019
A patient's view on the ABPI
Last month, the ABPI released a much-in-demand document: The Working with Patients and Patient Organisations sourcebook
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17 July 2019
The many aspects of an award-winning culture.
Professional development, flexible working, benefits and wellbeing…
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04 June 2019
Focusing on patient centricity to build trust in pharma
How do we build trust between patients and pharma
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21 May 2019
The Exhibition Hall: Past, Present and Future
Changing landscape of pharma conferences
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01 May 2019
What does it take to become an IPA Platinum winner?
After achieving IPA CPD Gold for the last three years in a row, we are now proud to have IPA CPD Platinum Accreditation.
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25 April 2019
Mathew Cutts to Judge the 2019 PM Digital Awards
Judging PM Society Digital Awards
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16 April 2019
Cuttsy+Cuttsy awarded CPD Platinum by the IPA
Four years after being awarded Gold for their continuous professional development (CPD) Cuttsy+Cuttsy (C+C) have reached another milestone and been awarded Platinum accreditation.
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05 April 2019
Clinical Trials Materials: Getting the Basics Right
Simplifying clinical trial materials
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26 March 2019
World Purple Day
Our infographic highlights some of the statistics around epilepsy. Please do share to help raise awareness.
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12 March 2019
Campaign Magazine Best Places to Work 2019
Read more to find out where we came!
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06 March 2019
People, ideas and technology transforming education
In January, I attended Bett - a conference designed to bring people, ideas, practices and technologies together to transform education. It was a great opportunity to be immersed amongst so many like-minded people.
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25 February 2019
Health Literacy in Practice: Hospital Letter
Waiting for results from a medical test or procedure can be a very taxing and worrying time. In our experience, you usually go through a whole rollercoaster of emotions.
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19 February 2019
When marketing, education and healthcare come together
We received a new contract that took us by surprise
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07 February 2019
Time to talk?
Everyone is being encouraged to talk about their mental wellbeing, but how do you start that conversation
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06 February 2019
Can wearables really transform healthcare?
The impact of wearables on our health or simply a fad?
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16 January 2019
Clare Mariconda brings specialist education expertise
Cuttsy+Cuttsy today announced that Clare Mariconda has been appointed as Healthcare Education Specialist at the agency.
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08 January 2019
Middle Aged White Men Can Jump
This week, I attended a New Work Network event about embracing flexibility in the work place. On arriving, the first thing that struck me was that I was one of only a handful of men in a room of over 100. I was well and truly in the minority. At the end of the event, attendees left their comments on post it notes, and I spotted several about men needing to get involved in flexible working practices and I couldn’t agree more.
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08 January 2019
The best legal contract we have ever been ask to sign
We received a new contract that took us by surprise
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25 October 2018
Caroline Benson joins the PM Society Executive Committee
Cuttsy+Cuttsy are pleased to announce our Co-Founder and Director Caroline Benson has been appointed to the PM Society Executive Committee.
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23 October 2018
Insights from the charity sector
Moving from patient engagement to people driven design
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19 October 2018
Cuttsy+Cuttsy launch their latest patient e-book
We are proud to launch our latest e-book ‘Osteoporosis…in plain English’.
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09 October 2018
Should you need an ‘ology’ to be an informed patient?
The importance of health literacy seems to be gaining more traction to the extent that it has it’s own dedicated month.
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20 September 2018
Playing with patients’ lives—Gamification
Gaming is something I have always been, and probably always will be, interested in. For me, it’s a diverse form of entertainment with enthralling storylines and a series of rewarding challenges.
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12 September 2018
Moving away from pharma's paternalistic approach
New handbook makes the case for greater patient engagement
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03 September 2018
Responsible Sourcing
The internet is a powerful tool, and for many of us it’s our first point of call when we’re not feeling well or want to find out more about a medical complaint.
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14 August 2018
Mobile learning takes centre stage
At the Learning Technologies Summer Forum 2018, mobile learning, or studying through programmes on portable devices, received plenty of attention. When you consider the amount of time we all spend glued to our phones and tablets, perhaps this does not come as a surprise.
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04 July 2018
Marianne Guldbrandsen joins Cuttsy+Cuttsy from Macmillan
Cuttsy+Cuttsy are delighted to announce that Marianne Guldbrandsen has joined the agency in the role of Strategy Director. Marianne joins from Macmillan Cancer Support where for the last five years she held the position of Head of Innovation & Strategic Partnerships, prior to that she was Head of Design Strategy at the Design Council. Marianne also holds a PhD from Cranfield University, School of Industrial and Manufacturing Science.
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08 June 2018
Why patient education isn’t simple
Patient education is often understood to be the imparting of knowledge from the healthcare professional (HCP) to the patient and/or their caregiver. However, in most cases, the imparting of knowledge is not enough. True patient education can be described as “The process by which the patient comes to comprehend his or her condition and self-care”.1 So, instead of just passing on information, for education to actually take place there needs to be comprehension, understanding and arguably motivation for patients to take notice and take action that improves their own health situation.
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16 May 2018
When Assumptions Can Be Dangerous
We no doubt make assumptions every day (there’s one). There aren’t enough hours in the day to always find out every single detail and know all the facts, so our brains work to fill in the gaps based on our past experiences and similar situations. A lot of the time our assumptions are incorrect and fortunately, they don’t cause too much damage, but sometimes they can be dangerous, especially when it comes to healthcare.
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09 May 2018
The Problem with Assumptions/Never Assume
Patient assumptions and HCP assumptions
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25 April 2018
Empowered patients improve outcomes
Non-adherence to medication is not a new global healthcare concern but with more people living with long-term conditions the problem is increasing.
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19 March 2018
It’s more than just a font.
In 2008 Mencap, a charity for people with learning disabilities, commissioned Jason Smith to design a type face.1 It was a sans serif type face that was clean, humanist and most importantly legible. 10 years later, the same font is now used across Cuttsy+Cuttsy’s collateral from presentation documents to our website. But why the emphasis on FS Me and what makes a font such a key part of a brand?
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09 March 2018
Caroline wins IPA and Campaign Women of Tomorrow Award
Congratulations Caroline!
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07 March 2018
Flexible Working: A Q&A with Mathew Cutts
On the 22nd January 2018, our very own Mathew Cutts took part in a Q&A panel on the topic of flexible working. The Q&A was part of the Mindset Shift Summit and the session was hosted by Gillian Nissim from Working Mums.
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28 February 2018
Emotional Intelligence and Blended Learning in Healthcare
You'll no doubt be aware of the intensely competitive healthcare landscape, placing ever increasing pressure on new treatments to become a market success and reach the patients that need them most.
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05 February 2018
Creative agencies, diversity and long hours.
To become diverse, creative agencies need to stop the long hours culture…
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13 January 2018
How deep is your Emotional Intelligence?
Over the last few years I have been privileged to spend time with groups of patients, listening to them discuss the severe diseases that they all had in common. I wanted to find out what lay beyond the diagnosis, the treatment, the burden of the disease. I wanted to find out what was beyond the obvious, to demystify their condition, so that we as an agency, may better equip our clients to help support them and people like them in the future.
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19 December 2017
Health literacy... it's not just plain English
Healthcare is complicated, full stop.
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12 December 2017 plain English
Christmas is a time of giving, so this December Cuttsy+Cuttsy are giving away PDF versions of their
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09 November 2017
Cuttsy+Cuttsy win Top Employer Award again!
For the second year running Cuttsy+Cuttsy have been awarded the Top Employer award for SME’s at the 8th annual Top Employer Awards 2017.
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30 October 2017
So how do you really engage with patients?
Patients are people and each person is unique, with different experiences of disease, different needs and different expectations.
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12 October 2017
Finding that 'Work/Life' Balance
I'm not going to lie;
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19 September 2017
Rebalancing life after a vestibular disorder
How would you feel if you suddenly woke up and the room was spinning
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29 August 2017
At Cuttsy+Cuttsy patient initiatives matter...
This year, we are the proud sponsors of the patient initiatives category
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07 August 2017
PrEParing for a brighter future
PrEP, or pre-exposure prophylaxis is the daily medicine that can reduce the chances of contracting HIV. However, despite promising results, in England it is currently not available on the NHS.
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19 July 2017
Writing 9 to 5, what a way to make a living
When you tell people outside the industry you're a Medical Writer
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06 July 2017
Cuttsy+Cuttsy launches clinical trials website
The site is based on the book Clinical Trials...
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28 June 2017
Monthly reviews - are you mad?
Annual or even six monthly reviews
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13 June 2017
S'merely a test
Many scary things have happened so far in 2017.
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12 June 2017
A little drop of the good stuff
Normally when I refer to a drop of the good stuff, I’m talking about gin
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30 May 2017
Tales from The Chalkboard - Health Literacy explained
Healthcare is complicated and, for a patient, the way it is communicated can be confusing.
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16 May 2017
A hearing aid for the fully hearing
I live with the daily frustrations of always feeling like I’m missing about a third of what’s going on
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15 May 2017
Aspirin; the wonder drug?
Alongside its analgesic properties, recent reports suggest
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27 April 2017
It's IPA gold again for Cuttsy+Cuttsy
Cuttsy+Cuttsy are delighted to announce that, for the second year in a row, the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) have awarded them the gold standard in continuous professional development (CPD).
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06 April 2017
A little poo can make a big splash
April is Bowel Cancer Awareness month
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22 March 2017
In Search of Our 'Why?'
There is a large amount of coverage on articles by Simon Sinek on social media at the moment.
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13 February 2017
It's nice, but it's not an infographic
Infographics. They’re a visual representation of information or data
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30 January 2017
Sydney Pixar camera up
I have been working at Cuttsy+Cuttsy as a Graphic Designer for just over a year, prior to which I studied Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University.
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10 January 2017
The power of health literacy
Healthcare is complicated, full stop.
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23 November 2016
Flexible working is hard work
Over lunch this week my fellow PM Society award judges
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02 November 2016
Cuttsy+Cuttsy wins top employer award has announced the winners
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26 October 2016
Old and new methods
Advances in technology provide new options
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29 September 2016
Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
You may have noticed people wearing gold
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13 September 2016
The changing face of the Cancer Drugs Fund
In 2011, the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF) was established to provide access to cancer treatments not routinely available on the NHS due to their failure to meet NICE’s clinical or cost-effective thresholds.
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26 August 2016
Pharmatech: building tomorrow's solutions
In a recent blog we explored some of the latest innovations that were helping patients to be more in control of their health and wellbeing.
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04 August 2016
Being a truly patient centric agency
When a brief comes into the agency
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26 July 2016
Where is the greatest investment needed in pharma?
As businesses first and foremost
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14 July 2016
The digital technology putting patients back in control
With a plethora of new ways to monitor health
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02 June 2016
Alternative Account Management skills
As a naturally competitive individual I love a challenge
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17 May 2016
Tackling the burden of mental illness
This week is Mental Health Awareness Week
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16 May 2016
Know Your Numbers
World Hypertension day, an annual initiative of the World Hypertension League (WHL) and the International Society of Hypertension (ISH) is taking place this week.
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05 May 2016
The World Against Ovarian Cancer
This Sunday is the fourth World Ovarian Cancer Day.
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06 April 2016
CPD Gold accreditation
My original mentor, who was also the person that I worked for the longest, was continuous professional development (CPD) mad.
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23 March 2016
Working Mums
I didn’t expect that becoming a mum would weaken my self-confidence.
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01 March 2016
Amongst all the hype has VR come of age?
I have always been a bit sceptical when it comes to VR, which is strange as I am an early adopter and love techy stuff.
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29 February 2016
Raise and join hands for Rare Disease Day
Defined as a disease which affects less than 1 in 2,000 people in the EU
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19 February 2016
Riding the wave of big data – where could it take us?
90% of the data that exists today was created in the last five years
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14 February 2016
Checks and balances
Despite strict rules already governing the healthcare sector, questions still arise about how pharma companies and healthcare professionals (HCPs) interact.
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05 February 2016
Endorsed by the CCRA
After writing our clinical trials e-book last year, we reached out to a number of clinical trial organisations and their governing bodies for comments and general feedback.
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29 January 2016
Maximising the value of creativity
The value of creativity is not as hard to measure or as intangible as some believe.
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21 December 2015
The Rules of Engagement
Cuttsy+Cuttsy is proud to announce that every single one of us are now officially up-to-date with the latest changes to the ABPI Code of Practice.
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13 December 2015
Helping to build a stronger and healthier community
We hear day-in and day-out about the pressures on today’s NHS
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27 November 2015
Customer experience rules, even more, in Pharma
This is not an article about the end of advertising in pharma or the end of advertising at all.
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12 December 2014
Our patient ebook giveaway
You don’t need a Kindle to read our book
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06 November 2014
Our First eBook
Rheumatoid arthritis…in plain English.
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15 September 2014
We are in the IPA
We are really proud to announce our election as a member of the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) following a rigorous three month selection process
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06 June 2013
The Butterfly Ball and 'My First Bra'
The film was created pro bono for Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA)
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