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Our approach.

We believe in being ‘other-centric’.

Our founding principles are people not patients, partners not clients and peers not employees. This is integral to everything we do.

Health literacy

Very often, healthcare content for patients is written in medic-speak, which can be intimidating and off-putting. Clear, simple, jargon-free information in plain English helps patients to feel confident that they understand their condition and their treatment. It empowers patients to take control of their own health.

Health literacy is defined as the communication of health information in ways that others can understand and act on.

Its importance and impact are visible across all levels of care; from disease prevention and detection, diagnosis and decision making, through to treatment and self-care.

Our expertise in health literacy means the information your patients are given is in a format that that they can understand and act on. Recognising the importance of health literacy, and always returning to this key principle runs through all our work.

Our ‘in Plain English’ e-books

We care about health literacy and the impact it has on what patients understand when reading about their condition. To support our work in this area, we have developed a series of patient e-books.

Written by our Scientific Team Leader, Dr Liz Walder, the books are in an easy-to-read format with beautiful illustrated images. We take away the jargon, making complex medical conditions and processes immediately easier to understand.

You can find out more about the books and where to buy them here.

Clinical Trials Explained website

‘The Clinical Trials Explained’ website is a simple on-line guide for anyone who has been asked to participate in a clinical trial, or has decided to volunteer for one. It provides clear information presented in plain English, making clinical trials easier to navigate.

The Clinical Trials Explained website is endorsed by the Clinical and Contract Research Association (CCRA).

“Straightforward and comprehensive, Dr Elizabeth Walder’s guide to clinical trials gives us a clear overview of one of the most complex parts of clinical research. Taking us through each part of the trial process, from their functions to their follow-up, in plain, every-day language, Dr Walder’s guide offers an accessible way to ensure patients know all they need to know to help them join in and stay in a trial. A useful resource for trial organisers and participants alike.”

Professor Atholl Johnston, FFPM, FBPHS, FRCPATH. President of the CCRA

Our website

We always try to practise what we preach, and so we incorporated health literacy principles into the design and functionality of our website.

By using lots of white space, content is easy to read. Written words are presented in FS Me font. This typeface was developed with and is endorsed by Mencap, the UK’s leading charity for those with learning disabilities. We chose to use this throughout our website because of its accessibility and clarity.

Tales from the Chalkboard

Our Scientific Team Leader, Dr Liz Walder, explains the importance of health literacy; how providing credible, trustworthy information in plain English empowers patients to better understand their treatment and to manage their own health.