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Our approach.

We believe in being ‘other-centric’.

Our founding principles are people not patients, partners not clients and peers not employees. This is integral to everything we do.


How can we understand what patients really want and need? And how do we truly walk in another person’s shoes?

Patients’ perspectives provide a crucial point of reference whether developing materials for patients themselves, or developing internal communications or content for healthcare professionals.

Our Co+Create framework

Our tried and trusted framework can help to engage patients from the project start. It can be used to shape agendas for patient advisory boards and transform objectives into patient tested and validated tactics. It can help you to understand your patients’ experience, all the way through from diagnosis to treatment and self-care.

Our framework enables you to build strong partnerships with patients and patient advocacy groups. It supports the development of communication programmes that meet your patients’ needs and that speak their language.

By listening to patients and applying the principles of emotional intelligence, we are able to gather greater insights into their needs, expectations and emotions. These insights can help to guide an empathetic and considered approach.

Our health literacy expertise

Our expertise in health literacy means the information your patients are given is in a format that that they can understand and act on. Recognising the importance of health literacy, and always returning to this key principle, runs through all our work.

Want to know more?

Walk with us, and see how our Co+Create framework can help put patients at the centre of everything you do. Drop us a line at to find out more.