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What we do.

We are an award-winning healthcare communications agency where people matter.

We are in healthcare for a reason; our work makes a difference to people, and people matter.

We do what you need us to do. From big-picture strategy to fine-detail campaign execution, we’ll communicate your vision. Our people enable us to offer skills from design to film, copywriting to project management, digital development to event management. All of this is underpinned by a thorough understanding of the healthcare sector. At whatever stage you bring us in, you can rely on us to get up to speed quickly and to get the job done right.


We focus on health literacy and its impact on patient understanding. To support our work in this area, we have developed a series of patient books and e-books.

Our plain English books have been written by our Scientific Team Leader, Dr Liz Walder, the books are in an easy-to-read format with beautiful illustrated images. We take away the jargon, making complex medical conditions and processes immediately easier to understand.