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Good Deed December

Mathew Cutts  |  23 November 2017

Although still warm and sunny (well sometimes), August is usually the time of year when we have a little downtime (as our clients are away on holiday) and we start thinking about our Christmas Campaign! The instant loud groans can be heard ringing out around the office when the team receives the brief in the summer months.

Times have changed, compliance quite rightly has seen to that. No longer can we send our clients gifts of appreciation. We have done our fair share of short funny videos given away cakes/ cards with a clever twist. Last year, we decided to help everyone get ready for Christmas with a few easy to follow creative tips.

This time, the team reflected on the highlights of this year. One very strong theme ran through all of them, the people we have met and the stories they have told.

Over the last year we have been fortunate enough to hear from some very brave people and share their incredible stories.

With some facing terminal illness, some recovering from treatment and another using their own skills to improve their child’s life and in turn the lives of many other children, these stories have both inspired and humbled the whole team.

Therefore, this year it seems only fitting that we spend our efforts in trying to make the lives of others better in whatever way we can, every little helps. So throughout December, our motto will be “Good Deed December”. The team have already a few things planned from giving blood, helping at a homeless shelter, paying forward and singing in a charity choir fundraiser.

We won’t be running a campaign or trying to get a movement started around #GoodDeedDecember we will be focussing our efforts in trying to help others. However, if you feel like sharing anything you are doing for others please tag #GoodDeedDecember in your social posts.

Good deeds to you all.