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Our approach.

We believe in being ‘other-centric’.

Our founding principles are people not patients, partners not clients and peers not employees. This is integral to everything we do.

Corporate social responsibility

Our responsibility goes way beyond the things that are second nature to us, such as the environment and working within the spirit of the law.

It is about how we run our business and how it affects the world and others around us. We believe the work we do helps people and is why we are 100% healthcare focused.

Supporting our people

We believe we have a responsibility to nurture and train our team to be the best they can be. We actively plan and invest in professional development to provide support to our team throughout their working lives and to encourage them in their careers. Every member of our team is encouraged to learn and encouraged to explore.

We whole-heartedly support flexible working. This is why for the past two years running, we have been awarded the Working Mums Best Small/Medium Enterprise in recognition of our work-life balance practices.

Good causes

Every year we donate our time to good causes. We have even won awards for some of our work.

In 2017, we developed a series of films for Addenbrookes Charitable Trust to help them to promote the great work that they do, and to continue to receive charitable donations. You can view these films below.