Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR is important to us.

We are not only a business as we interact with everyone around us, the local and wider communities without which we could not exist. We believe we need to contribute to the world around us to ensure our future.

We strive to reduce our impact on the environment, by recycling almost 99% of all office waste, ensuring all printing is only of essential documents and double sided. Our equipment is the most up to date complying with the latest environmental guidelines, when no longer of use is recycled through the appropriate channels.

While it is impossible not to travel we do our best to be as economical as possible, using public transport whenever possible as well as sharing transportation. We also vet all suppliers to make sure our supply chain holds true to our values.

Our mission is to make positive and lasting changes in the way we use natural and human resources to improve quality of life for all, now and in the future. We provide an accessible and inclusive setting for all. We promote healthy living in the way we source, buy, consume food and encourage efficient recycling of all products. We hope to leave our clients with a positive legacy by delivering excellent customer experience and encouraging sustainable behaviour.

We contribute to various charities and are very proud to be associated with the Hospice of St Francis.

The Hospice of St Francis provides care for patients with serious or terminal illness. Many of their patients have cancer but they also look after patients with heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease and neurological diseases.